Townsville's Best Bakery - Otto's Artisan Bakehaus
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otto’s artisan bakehaus

Otto’s Artisan Bakehaus


As Townsville’s best bakery, Otto’s Artisan Bakehaus is leading the way when it comes to the art of traditional baking.


Located at Otto’s Market Precinct and Otto’s Market Warrina (with an exciting cabinet selection at James Cook University as well), Otto’s Artisan Bakehaus isn’t your standard Townsville bakery. We utilise tried and tested, from-scratch recipes with only the purest ingredients, and we bake our creations in stonehearth ovens. In fact, a product of Otto’s Artisan Bakehaus is guaranteed to contain no additives or preservatives – it is treated with respect throughout every stage of production.


And that’s just our bread.


Otto understands the importance of breaking bread with his customers, which is why our dedicated team of bakers and pastry chefs, led by star Artisan Baker Roman Kucharski (Poland), work around the clock to produce the best range of baked sweets and savouries in Townsville… the traditional way. With such unrivalled talent behind the scenes, imparting this knowledge on to his dedicated team, it really is no wonder Otto’s Artisan Bakehaus is renowned for being Townsville’s best bakery.


The Otto’s Artisan Bakehaus menu offers a combination of old-fashioned favourites and new creations. Our customers can’t get enough of our signature pretzels, while the traditional Sourdough bread and pastries are also firm favourites.


Otto’s Artisan Bakehaus specialises in:


Trading Hours

Trading 7 Days @ Otto’s Market Precinct
8am until sold out


Trading 7 Days @ Otto’s Market Warrina
8am until sold out


Trading 5 Days @ James Cook University
Monday – Friday: 7am – 3pm



07 4779 1755


Find us at Warrina

Find us at Precinct