Otto's Save Our Souls Sundays at Otto's Market Precinct
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Save Our Souls Sunday (Precinct)

Otto's Save Our Souls Sundays

Save Our Souls Sunday (Precinct)

Has Saturday night left you languishing in hangover-hell and searching for some divine intercession?

Then Otto’s Drinkery has something to get you back to the semi-virtuous condition you were in before vodka went and ruined it all, with Save Our Souls Sundays, at Otto’s Market Precinct.

You see, Otto understands that when you just want to lay in on a lazy Sunday, a leisurely combination of both the breakfast and lunch worlds is probably the only thing that will cure what ails. And that’s why we have come up with something to help lighten that regret – and that’s a Sunday-exclusive menu… it’s the perfect brunch, sprinkled with heavenly spirits!

That’s right, you can imbibe without judgement every Sunday from 10am, with what we consider to be our very own sinner’s guide to a holy happy hour. It’s the brunch of champions!

If you’re looking for that hair of the dog pick-me-up, you can enjoy our new takes on some old classics.  There are even alcoholic punch bowls for 4-6 sinners to share, and if partaking in such transgressions is just a little too much to bear, then our non-alcoholic options will keep you on the path of the righteous.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, our normal bar and café menus are also available, and no matter what you choose, it can be paired with your choice of delicious food from our Kitchen menu. Late breakfasts aren’t a problem, with Otto’s Kitchen extending their breakfast hours at Otto’s Market Precinct ‘til a spectacularly hedonistic 11.30am. But only on weekends.

We should probably mention that our arcade neighbours will be dishing up their normal fare as well (you can learn more about them here).

So if you want to go to heaven (before you head to hell), grab your friends and enjoy a pious pint with us. Brunch has just been resurrected, so join us for Otto’s new Save Our Souls Sundays.

Otto’s Save Our Souls Sundays

When: Every Sunday, 10am – 4pm
Where: Otto’s Market Precinct
Tickets: Free entry
Info: All ages welcome, no need to book! Otto’s Drinkery practices the responsible service of alcohol.