Otto's Story - Otto's Market Townsville
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Otto’s Story

The Otto’s Motto

To provide premium quality fresh food, direct from local farmers and producers, at the best possible price and with outstanding service to our customers.

Our family is passionate about good food. The kitchen is the heart of our household and we enjoy nothing more than preparing good food to share with family and friends. Through Otto’s Market, we want to extend this passion and share it with out local community, Townsville and beyond. Our kitchen is a place where those we love can share their love of cooking and preparing food together. This is why Otto’s Market is something truly unique; our family takes the passion for food that is in our hearts, and shares it with everyone.


The journey began in 1966, when Warrina Shopping Centre became the first complex of its type to be built outside of South East Queensland. Otto’s Market occupies the space in which the very first food market within a complex was established in Townsville. Our founder, Otto, took the reins in 1994 armed with little more than a big dream and a bigger passion for food. He longed for the gourmet offerings of his home country Germany, and set about creating a complete foodie experience. Since then, it has traded as a Cut Price, an AUR and a Foodworks.


With an obvious name in mind, Otto’s was officially branded in 2013 to Otto’s Fresh Food Market… and now customers line up at the door just to get their slice of our traditional, European-inspired fare.


In 2019, after unprecedented growth, Otto’s Market opened its doors to its second location, at The Precinct in Idalia – within a community that was so adversely affected by the January floods that it took months for them to recover. But sharing is caring, and that is exactly what we aim to do when it comes to servicing the Townsville community. We are excited to welcome the resilient residents of the Idalia and Rosslea areas back to their homes, and provide them with a friendly and warm place to relax, recharge and connect over one of life’s greatest pleasures: food.


Despite retiring in June 2019, you can still often find Otto himself patrolling the aisles of our marketplace. You are most likely to see him tending to his favourite department – the Meat Market, pawing over only the best quality cuts. If you see him, make sure to say hello – he is never short on advice when it comes to shopping for, and enjoying the best fresh food Townsville has to offer.




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