Friends with Benefits - Otto's Market Townsville
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Friends with Benefits

Start earning rewards… #ottostyle

Download the ‘Otto’s Market’ app on your smartphone or tablet.

It’s completely free to join!

Click on your device’s icon to become an Otto’s friend with benefits today!


Refer to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Otto is a pretty popular guy, and because he likes doing things a little differently, his friendship circle grows bigger every day. Which is why he has come up with a way to say thanks’ to all his loyal supporters.

Now Otto invites you, to keep him in your pocket, all the time!

We call it comradery, but with perks… you could even call it, Otto’s Friends



In addition to your automatic benefits, every dollar you spend in-store at Otto’s Market Warrina, Otto’s Market Precinct, Otto’s Fish Market and Otto’s Artisan Bakehaus at JCU will earn you more savings. Your rewards are linked to your membership status, and we will reward you with loyalty vouchers to spend along the way. We’ll even send them straight to your phone… Easy!


Step 1. Download the Otto’s Market App via the Apple App store or Google Play (Click Icons above)

Step 2. Register an account using your email address + verify your account

Step 3. Scan your QR code at every purchase to accrue loyalty ‘Brownie’ points to redeem and receive other benefits such as the Keen Bean Coffee Scheme